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What Can I Expect During a Dental Checkup in St. Catharines?

What Can I Expect During a Dental Checkup in St. Catharines?
Posted on October 15, 2019

You may think that going to the dentist regularly can help protect your oral health – which is 100% true.

But did you know that regular dental exams can help protect your overall health, too?

Your mouth is the first place to show signs and symptoms of certain systemic diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and diabetes. When a hygienist or dentist notices these indications, you will have a greater chance of treating them successfully.

Here’s what to expect at your next dental checkup at our office in St. Catharines!

Dental Examination

The first part of your dental checkup will be with the dental hygienist, a licensed dental professional.

Your dental checkup begins with an overview of your medical history. Your medications, health issues, allergies and concerns will be reviewed to ensure you get the right care. If you have any anxieties about being at the dentist, explanations will be given to help ease the fear and make the visit go smoothly.

Next, the dental hygienist will complete an exam inside your mouth, looking for plaque and tartar on your teeth. Using a metal probe with a small angled mirror, the space between your teeth and gums can be inspected. They will check for cavities and complete any x-rays needed.

Your gums will be inspected for gum disease using a special tool to measure your mouth’s periodontal pockets (the distance between your teeth and gums). A shallow space is an indication of healthy gums; deeper pockets can indicate gum disease and should be monitored.

The examination will also include feeling behind your jaw and your neck and looking at your tongue and throat for signs of oral cancer.

Dental Cleaning

The next part of the exam will include a thorough dental cleaning. Although brushing and flossing help clean plaque from your teeth, special dental tools are needed to remove tartar. Referred to as “scaling,” the dental hygienist will scrape off built-up plaque and tartar before flossing.

A tooth polisher will be used to remove any leftover residue and make your teeth smoother. This also helps prevent plaque from collecting on your teeth in between dental visits.

Follow-up with the Dentist

A dentist will complete another exam typically towards the end of your appointment. This exam is much shorter than the initial one conducted by the dental hygienist and includes a review of your dental x-rays (if necessary) and inspections of your jaw and teeth. The dentist may check for signs of oral cancer, too.

Your health concerns will be reviewed, and treatments will be prescribed (if necessary).

Finding a Dentist in St. Catharines

Looking for a new dentist?

If you’re located in St. Catharines, the team at Creekview Dental would love to welcome you to our office! Our family-friendly practise offers a full range of dental services and is committed to meeting our patients’ needs. Come see for yourself how comfortable and informative your next dental checkup can be! Schedule an appointment with our office today.

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